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Multimedia Services

With the advent of digital television, on-demand video (Netflix, Hulu), and media streaming devices, entertainment is more flexible than ever. With this flexibility came more complex networking and a wide variety of services and hardware options. Huber PC is well versed in all these technologies and enjoy simplifying modern entertainment needs.

Media Center Configurations

Do you have one of those fancy HDTVs with streaming and multimedia playback capabilities but need help getting it setup? Huber PC can configure your network and devices for seamless integration.

Being a tech company, we intentionally omitted the fact that we are bonafide home theater enthusiasts!

VHS to Digital Formatting

VCR tapes degrade over time and tend to be forgotten due to the inconvenient format. Huber PC can convert your special occasions to digital formats for viewing on devices including computers, game consoles, and mobile devices. Optionally, we can transfer your videos in 2 hour segments to DVD format. We will not, however, convert or duplicate copyrighted materials.

Media File Conversion

Given the vast array of file formats available in modern computers and media devices there are bound to be format conflicts on different systems. Huber PC can convert videos and music for use on nearly any device.

Do you have printed photos that would be irreplaceable if lost or you would like to upload to Facebook or view on your television/computer? We can scan your original images at high resolution for you to backup or share.

Digital Photograph Editing

Occasionally, the pictures we take suffer from poor lighting or odd coloring. They may be pictures you'll never again have the chance to capture (wedding, first day of school). Huber PC can manipulate most digital photographs with great results.

*Note: File conversion and scanning can be very time consuming and is more cost effective to complete offsite.

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