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Reliable, High Speed Networks

Today's modern households have an array of computers, handhelds, game consoles, media players, and other network capable devices. Huber PC can install secure, high-speed, wired and wireless networks for nearly any budget. Properly configured network devices can share printers, graphics, multi-media, and other files with ease.

Wired & Wireless Networking

Huber PC helps customers safely share resources and internet services to devices via high-speed, secure network hardware. Our hardware includes advanced security features to thwart potential intruders. When combined with specific software configurations and proper use, our customer's computers become nearly immune to online threats.

Wireless networking, while slower than wired network connections, prevents running cables through walls and allows mobile devices and laptops within range of the wireless access point or router.

Networked Data Backups

Mostly everyone has a large amount of personal information and files that would be tragic if lost. Huber PC offers solutions for backing up your files locally or remotely so you can restore your files after a failure.

Streaming Media

Many modern devices like DVD players and game consoles allow you to stream music and video via networking to your television or sound system. We can configure a file server or workstation to stream your media throughout the house from just one device.

High Quality Phone Service

Tired of paying $30/month for phone service? If you have broadband internet, pay no more! Huber PC can help you switch to VOIP and maintain your existing phone number. Sorry, we don't support 'Magic Jack'.

Advanced Networking

Huber PC can also configure more complex networking environments such as dedicated firewalls, VPNs, backup servers, media servers, and security monitoring.

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