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Sluggish Computer?

During the lifespan of a computer third-party software becomes more complex and resource intensive. Virus infections, repeated un/installation of software and drivers, and decreased hard drive space will slow down any computer. Before suggesting the purchase of a new machine, Huber PC will try to breathe new life into your current computer.

Sluggish Computer?

Provided your software and hardware are diagnosed as functioning properly, upgrading key components can extend your computer's lifespan. While most systems can be upgraded, some proprietary models are difficult.

Data Migration

If you decide to buy a new computer, Huber PC can help transfer your data from the old computer or backup. We can even wipe your previous system clean in case you plan to donate or discard it.

New OS Installation

Huber PC can upgrade or install both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems.

Custom Workstations

While Huber PC often recommends pre-built computers for simplicity's sake, the best investment is by building a custom computer. You can tailor the computer and peripherals to your exact needs. Not only are they faster, but are often cheaper than a comparable prebuilt model.

Assembling and configuring the workstation is billed at our standard hourly rate. Hardware pricing varies per system, we will provide an exact quote.

Benefits of Building Custom

  • Higher Quality Components
  • Faster Overall Speed
  • Easier to Upgrade & Repair
  • Longer Usable Lifespan
  • No Pre-installed Junkware

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