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Full Service Tech

In today's world of computing, individuals need reliable support. Huber PC offers a wide range of technical services for the residential user.

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Details on all computer service can be accessed through the menu above. Our most popular services are listed below.

Virus Removal

Infections are inevitable, the sooner they are removed, the less havoc they cause on the software overall. Don't wait until the computer is unusable!

Hardware Upgrades

While software optimization is always recommended, there are times when a hardware upgrade often results in higher performance and is more cost-effective.

System Cleanup

Clearing the cobwebs and dust from your hardware, and a thorough inspection of your operating system to ensure no rogue, malicious, or unwanted programs are slowing you down.


With our many years of experience, our clients often seek professional guidance on equipment, software, or the best way to streamline all things digital.


Wonder how the doo-dad works with the thingamabob? Perhaps something more technical like viewing your home security camera while vacationing. Ask away!

Secure Networking

We're used to simply plugging in a cable or connecting to wifi for fast access to the internet. We'll secure your router, computer and other devices for safer browsing.

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