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Preventative Maintenance

Let's say you chose Huber PC to get your network and computers setup, secure, and running like a well oiled machine. Unfortunately, keeping it that way can prove difficult for the average user. Huber PC combines the following services into a maintenance solution to keep everything working great while extending the lifespan of your computer or laptop.

OS Optimization

Similar to motor vehicles, tuneups should be performed on a regular basis to ensure proper functionality and repair minor issues before they get out of hand.

Operating Systems are complex and require a bit of TLC. We optimize the file system, check permissions, and clear out unnecessary files to keep you running at top speed.

Software Maintenance

Simply updating software can be tedious. It's increasingly difficult to distinguish legitimate updates from internet threats. If you can determine it's trustworthy, you may end up with junkware that can bog down your computer, or this new version may conflict with something else.

Hardware Diagnostics

Typically performed once a quarter, we run a full barrage of hardware tests to ensure all physical components are responsive and fully functional. Warning signs are often apparent before a piece of hardware fails.

Semi-Annual Cleaning

Computers should be cleaned of dust and debris on a routine basis. Neglecting to perform this task can lead to overheating, shortened computer life, or hardware failure.

Depending on the type of computer, your usage, and environment (animals, smoke), you may need to increase or decrease the frequency of cleanings per year.

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