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About Huber PC

Fancy marketing aside, Huber PC is an experienced technology provider for residential customers. We have served commercial clients for over a decade via i3studios, installing and maintaining medium to large networks of workstations and servers.

During our many years of commercial support we received countless requests for residential services. Until now, non-commercial services were unofficial.

Each time we serviced a residence, the client wanted us to visit their home. Not a single customer preferred to bring the computer into our shop. So... Huber PC has no shop! This lack of a brick & mortar store is what allows us to offer such a low price – up to 60% less expensive than our competitors. Note: while this discounted rate is for residential only, our commercial rate for small business is just $60/hour!

Huber Heights Service Area

Travel-Free Area

The region outlined by orange in the map above represents our travel-free zone. Appointments outside this area will incur a travel fee... typically $5 - $15 per visit.

Additional Information

Huber PC is Certifiable

During our many years of commercial support, Huber PC has acquired numerous industry standard technical certifications. These certificates prove competence in varying computer related fields.

Huber PC Technical Certifications

Accepted Payments

Huber PC accepts payment by personal check, cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card.

Green & Paperless

With the exception of marketing materials – all communications, invoicing, and records are digital, consuming minimal power and resources.